Muscle building myths you need to avoid starting out.

It is now March,  and this is the period after January where many start to get in shape for summer. If you follow the correct advice then getting a six pack by June is a very realistic goal. Here I will out line the five myths you need to completely forget before embarking on your journey.

  1.  Forget everything you’ve heard about six pack shortcut this and quick fat loss that. Losing weight and getting into shape is a long term thing and if you are looking for a quick fix fitness is probably not for you.
  2. The second myth and one that is fuelled by the marketing campaigns of supplement companies is that you need to go out and buy every supplement under the sun.  Supplements are very unnecessary especially if you are just trying to tone your body. The only supplements I would recommend are creatine phosphate and whey protein.
  3. Diet is king! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your training is the only important thing. Whether you are dieting or trying to put on mass, without a good diet  all your work in the gym will be for nothing. If you are really serious you will track  all your meals and this by using an app of your choice, I prefer my fitness pal .
  4. Heavy weights do not build muscle, too often people who enter the gym go in with their ego and try lift weights that are out of their range. This serves no purpose to building muscle and will prob lead you to getting injured. Bodybuilding unlike power lifting is about growing the muscle not testing you strength. Good form is imperative to building muscle as opposed to how heavy the weight is, good form means you are breaking down muscle fibres with every rep. These are the prime conditions to build muscle.
  5. The last and most important myth, going to the gym and getting a six pack will get you attention from women. This is far from the truth, and if it is your sole reason to train you will quit before you start. Training to impress people leads you to look for quick fixes such as buying fat loss pills that do more damage than help.  You reasons to train should be to better yourself mentally and physically.

If you avoid these myths then you will have a good foundation to achieving your dream body, a solid foundation in anything will lead to success. That’s why The New Gentlemen is successful, he doesn’t make the same mistakes as everyone.

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